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Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
would you rather sit next to on an airplane flight for four hours president obama wins by 25 points. >> eliot: go on air force i. >> it is not that big a gap in terms of likability, you're also going to have a strong gap in terms of who do you like in terms of understanding your issues and your pocketbook. >> eliot: let me ask youing the same question, dick. there is a likability factor and the white house has been enormously effective over three or four months starting with bain. then the tax return issue. then the 47% tape which is a self-inflicted wound by the romney campaign. the aggregate effect of all of this has metastasized. people just don't like mitt romney. maybe intentionally unfair but how does he reverse that and on economic issues, if we don't feel he relates to us, how does he turn that around? >> i think voters think the obama agenda failed. the stimulus bill that was signed with great fanfare not far from here in denver, colorado, i think people see as a failure. people have rejected, i th
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm PDT
that mitt romney can stand up to barack obama tomorrow? does he have the stature? will he look an equal on the stage tomorrow? >> just by standing next to him he will be able to do that. both of them will look like they belong in the room. they're both very skilled debaters. they're -- neither of them has given particular passionate outbursts. they're both very controlled debaters. it is a switch for romney. during the republican primary debates, he was really the front-runner and everyone was trying to tear him down. he was supposed to stand up to them. here he's coming in as the underdog. he needs to be on the attack. >> eliot: wanna if you needed to say to mitt romney, here is what you must accomplish tomorrow because you are down ten points in the swing states, you only have this one moment to capture the public's excitement and enthusiasm, how does he do it? >> first avoid the unforced error. time and time again the albatross of the romney campaign. they're making trouble for themselves where there d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2